How does Fullerton Shield protect client's funds?

Level 1 Fund Segregations

Fullerton Markets International Limited’s clients’ funds are kept in segregated bank accounts, separate from Fullerton Markets International Limited’s business operations accounts. This will ensure the that client's funds will never be used for operating expenses as they are kept separate from corporate funds.

Level 2 Third Party Administrators 

Clients’ funds are placed with Fullerton Custodian Ltd, which operates under a Custodian Agreement. Fullerton Custodian Ltd has its own set of directors and is not controlled by the directors of Fullerton Markets. Fullerton Custodian Ltd is also responsible for administrating the withdrawal and deposit of the client's fund. Doing so prevents any potential conflict of interest, between protecting the client's fund and operating a business, from occurring when it comes to making a business decision for Fullerton Markets. 

Level 3 Insurance Policy

Furthermore, Fullerton Custodian Ltd is financially protected by a world-class insurer in the event of director’s keyman risk through insurance.