CopyPip (Strategy Provider)

What is a Strategy Provider?

CopyPip platforms allows IB/Trader to act as a Strategy Provider. Followers can choose to follow a Strategy Provider and copy the trades made by the Strategy Provider. Default fees are set at 20% performance fee.

Do I need to open a new account to be a Strategy Provider?

No. You may use your current Trading accounts to be a Strategy Provider.

How do I charge performance fees to my Followers?

You state your performance fee at Fullerton Suite >> Strategy Provider Area >> Open Strategy Provider Account

Do I Trade with my Followers' funds or my own?

You trade with your own funds while the Followers follow your trade.

How do Followers search for my Strategy?

Followers can log into the CopyPip Platform and search for your Strategy’s name.

Are there any criteria to becoming a Strategy Provider?

You will need a minimum of 1 month of active trading and 50 trades. Trades that are closed for less than 3 pips are not eligible.

Can I remove my trading strategies?

Yes. You can disconnect your MT4 trading account from being a Strategy Provider.

When are fees paid to me?

Fees are calculated at the start of every new month. The fees will be deposited into your MT4 account within 5 working days.

How do I withdraw the fees earned from my Strategy Provider Account?

You can withdraw your fee earned by logging into Fullerton Suite >> “Withdraw Funds”

Can Followers temporarily stop following my strategy?

Followers are unable to temporarily stop following your strategy because fees are calculated daily. They must close all open trades and stop following your strategy.

How do I see the fees earned from my Followers?

You can see your fees earned by logging into the CopyPip platform >> My Followers >> under “Profit”. The fees are updated daily at GMT 00:00.