Can I open Crypto CFDs trades with my Shariah Account (Swap Free Account)?

Shariah Accounts are unable to open Crypto CFD trades. This applies to Shariah Copypip accounts too. If your Strategy Provider opens a Crypto CFD trade, your Shariah Copypip account will not copy these trades. ** Any Muslim client who wishes to trade Crypto CFDs are welcome to open an additional MT4 account and contact support to change it to a non-swap free account.

What are the differences between Fullerton Markets Crypto CFDs and other Crypto platforms (Binance, Coinbase, etc.)

There are a number of differences between FM and crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase and Coinhako. We offer Crypto CFDs, while crypto exchanges offer Spot Crypto, which is deliverable. CFDs are settled in fiat currency and are non-transferrable. In terms of trading fees, We charge a similar or better rate than Coinbase and Coinhako. We offer margin trading for crypto and other instruments on its multi-asset platform, with leverage up to 1:500.

What is the margin requirement or leverage for trading Crypto CFDs?

The required margin is 20% of a particular pair. Or 1:5 leverage regardless of your account default leverage.

Is there any additional fee when trading Crypto CFDs ?

There is a commission of 0.4% per lot traded. Swap charges are -18% for both long and short positions. Commission = 0.4% x Market Price x Contract Size x Lot size E.g. If client buys 0.1 lot of ADA, commission fee will be: 0.4% x $2 x 1000 x 0.1 = $0.80

Do I need to exchange to USDT or other stables to trade Crypto CFDs?

All of our crypto pairs are USD denominated. As long your MT4 account has enough balance, you are able to trade on our Crypto CFDs. **Please be aware of commission charges on certain Crypto pairs and make sure you have enough margin on your account while trading Crypto CFDs.

Where are the pricing feed of Crypto CFDs from?

All price feed comes directly from our Liquidity Provider. Trades are executed with no requotes. This ensures that all our clients are given the best possible price when they want to buy or sell.

How to calculate the swaps for Crypto CFDs?

Swap charges are -18% for both long and short positions. Swap calculations for Crypto CFDs Swaps = Daily closing price x Contract Size x (No. of lots traded x Swaps / 100 / 360) Examples: Buy 0.01 standard lot of Bitcoin. BTC closing price ytd: USD 60,000 Swap: 60,000 x 1 contract size x 0.01 lot x -18 / 100 / 360 = USD -0.30 (x3 on Friday) Short 0.01 standard lot of Ethereum. ETH closing price ytd: USD 3,500 Swap: 3,500 x 1 contract size x 0.01 lot x -18 / 100 / 360 = USD -0.02 (x3 on Fri...

What are the Crypto CFDs pair offered for trading?

The offered pair for Crypto CFDs are ADAUSD (Cardano) BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash) BTCUSD (Bitcoin) DOGEUSD (Dogecoin) DOTUSD (Polkadot) ETHUSD (Ethereum) LNKUSD (Chainlink) LTCUSD (Litecoin) XLMUSD (Stellar) XRPUSD (Ripple)

What are the trading hours for Crypto CFDs?

Trading will be available from Monday 00:00 - Friday 23:55 (GMT+3) only.