MT4 Trading Platform

How To Change My Trading Account Password?

In order to change your password, you need to have the current MASTER Password. If you have forgotten your trading account password, just visit Live Chat and our Live Chat assistance will assist you to obtain a new MT4 password. Once you have your MASTER password. Proceed to log in to your Trading account. 1) Log in to your Trading platform using the current MASTER password. 2) Go to Tools >Options >Server. Select "Change Password”. 3) Enter the password that we reset in "Curren...

How to add another Server in MT4

Live server: FullertonMarketsLimited Live 2 server: FullertonMarketsInc 1. First, make sure you have logged to an account. To make sure you are connected to the server, check out the bottom right of the platform to locate this message 2. Next, click on File> Open an Account. You should see Trading Servers as image shown. 3. Click on the + to add Broker Name.and key in FullertonMarketsInc (Make sure the sentence is in one word). Click Scan. 4. If the Live 2 server pops out, then...

Do you provide tutorial videos on how to use the MT4 platform?

Yes. You may access the MT4 videos via Fullerton Suite upon registration. Please register here (

Can I change the chart time in MT4?

You cannot change the chart time in your MT4 platform. The chart time is configured and standardized in our server. The chart time 00:00 hrs is aligned to New York 17:00 hrs.

How To Install Your Trading Account On A Macbook?

Please refer to the guide on how to install a trading platform on a MAC Operating System.

A pop-up message 'Trade Context is busy' appears on my platform, what should I do?

Close your MT4 platform and launch it again to rectify the error.

I cannot log in to my demo/live account. What should I do?

There are a few possibilities: 1. Wrong password. If you cannot remember your password, you may log in to Fullerton Suite and submit a request to reset MT4 password at the top left hand corner. (Please note the password is case-sensitive) 2. Account expired. Our Demo accounts will expire after 30 days of inactivity. You may open a new demo account in MT4.

I cannot find the currency pair that I want to trade. What should I do?

To display all currency pairs on our platform, right-click on the Market Watch and choose “Show All”.

My MT4 chart is displaying 'Waiting for Update'. What should I do?

This is because the chart belongs to a different spread type as your account. Simply go to Market Watch, click on the currency pair you want, drag and drop it over the chart. The chart will be displayed.

How do I enter 1 mini lot and 1 micro lot?

All our trading accounts are Standard accounts. You can trade 1 mini lot and 1 micro lot by entering 0.1 lot or 0.01 lot respectively.

Can I use trading robots or expert advisors?

Yes, our MT4 platform supports the use of Expert Advisors (EAs).

Where can I find the swap rates/rollover interest?

Go to Market Watch, right-click on the currency pair you want and select “Specification”. You will see the details of the currency pair including Swap Long, Swap Short etc.

How can I install the MT4 Trading Platform on my mobile device (IOS/Android)?

Search for MetaTrader4 in the Android Market or the iPhone’s App Store to install the platform.

How can I log in to my demo/live account via mobile MT4 trading platform?

After you launch your mobile MT4 app, access the menu and select “Login to an existing account”. Under “Find broker”, enter 1. “FullertonMarkets-Live” for live account, or 2. “FullertonMarkets-Demo” for demo account