CopyPip (Strategy Follower)

Can I copy Crypto CFD trades with my Shariah Account?

Shariah Accounts are unable to open Crypto CFD trades. This applies to Shariah Copypip accounts too. If your Strategy Provider opens a Crypto CFD trade, your Shariah Copypip account will not copy these trades.

How to Setup your Copy Pip account?

1. To open a Copy Pip account, first login to Fullerton Suite and create a Copy Pip MT4 account. 2. Once you have created the Copy Pip account, you need to register your profile at 3. When you have registered your profile in Copy Pip platform, you should be able to see Live Account. 4. You need to link your Copy Pip MT4 ID before copying any Strategy Provider in the Copy Pip platform.

What is CopyPip?

CopyPip is Fullerton Markets’ own trading system which enables investors to select from a range of 300+ strategy providers to copy from. It also allows our own IBs and traders to become signal providers and to set their own performance fee.

How do I sign up for a CopyPip account?

You can sign up for a CopyPip account in your Fullerton Suite >> “Open a CopyPip Account”.

What are the charges for using CopyPip’s services?

- 0.35 pips per round lot traded for Forex - 3.5 USD per round lot traded for Gold - 17.5 USD per round lot traded for Silver

What is the minimum deposit required to use the CopyPip platform?

The deposit required is 100 USD.

What are the strategies that CopyPip offers?

We have a wide range of more than 300 Strategy Providers. You may choose the strategies that caters to your needs and risk appetite.

Is there a demo account for CopyPip?

Yes. You can register for a demo account at (

What spread does CopyPip use?

We offer Variable Spread for CopyPip.

Can I have more than one CopyPip Account?

Yes. You may have more than one CopyPip Account.

Does CopyPip offer swap-free accounts?

Yes. The terms and conditions for swap free account apply.

Is there a limit to the number of strategies that I can follow?

There is no limit to the number of strategies you can follow.

Will my Strategy Provider charge any fees?

Yes. A Strategy Provider may charge performance fees.

How are my Performance Fees calculated?

Performance Fees are calculated daily based on the Equity of your Follower account, taken as at GMT 00:00. The performance fees will be deducted within 5 working days from the start of the new month.