Funding & Withdrawal

Profit Withdrawal Notice

Starting from 21st September 2020. Bank Wire option has been removed. You may use another existing method for any "Profit Withdrawal" Please note that clients may be subjected to a random compliance check time to time before the profit withdrawal request. This may include a proof of residence (dated within 3 months of the notice period) or any forms of identification checks. Profit withdrawal request may be withheld until further verification is received. This is to ensure that the advice req...

How do I fund my trading account?

Log in to Fullerton Suite ( Under “Funding”, click “Deposit Funds” and select your preferred method (Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Digital Wallet).

How long does it take to process funding via bank wire transfers?

Typically it takes 2-5 business days to process bank wire transfers.

How long does it take to process funding via Credit Card/Digital Wallet transfers?

Typically it takes about 1 business day or less to process Credit Card/Digital Wallet transfers.

What are the fees required for funding my account?

For funding via Wire Transfer, Fullerton Markets covers all bank processing charges. Therefore, please ensure you indicate on the Wire Transfer form that all fees are borne by Beneficiary in order to enjoy this benefit. For funding via Credit Card, if you choose an account with a different currency from your MT4 denominated currency, your credit card will be debited with the applicable exchange rates by the Issuing Bank of the credit card. Fullerton Markets covers all credit card processing f...

What are the restrictions on my account when it is funded with a credit or debit card?

For funding via Credit Card, you should make sure that the credit card is in your name and in your country of residence, with at least six (6) months of validity. If you don’t comply with this Policy, you may be prevented from depositing the money via Credit Card. Deposits using credit or debit card of family members, friends, acquaintances, etc are not allowed. In addition, an admin fee of USD 20 will be charged when we return this fund to your credit or debit card due to failure to comply with...

My bank asked me to provide a document explaining the purpose of my transfer. What should I do?

For funding via Wire Transfer, please log in to Fullerton Suite (, under “Deposit Funds” and upon selecting “Bank Transfer”, fill up the Letter of Intent and print out the Payment Advice that pops up. You may present this Payment Advice at the bank counter to support the purpose of your transfer.

What are the different withdrawal options available?

You may request for withdrawal of your deposit via Wire Transfer, Credit Card and Digital Wallet. However, withdrawal must be performed only through the same bank account or credit/debit card or digital wallet that you used to deposit the funds. It is also worth noting that withdrawal of trading profits will be done via Wire Transfer and Digital Wallet, not Credit Card.

How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

Fullerton Markets processes your withdrawal request within 1 business day. However, it may take 2-4 business days for the funds to reach your account. Credit Card withdrawals exceeding 6 months from the date of funding may be refunded via bank transfer. Fullerton Markets will contact you should the need arise.

What is the difference between 'Withdraw Deposit' and 'Withdraw Profit'?

Withdraw Deposit means withdrawal of the fund that you have deposited. Withdraw Profit means withdrawal of your trading profit.

Are there any withdrawal fees/charges?

For withdrawal via Wire Transfer, prevailing bank charges by Beneficiary is applied. For withdrawal via Credit Card and Digital Wallet, Fullerton Markets does not charge any processing fees. However, there may be handling charges imposed by the Digital Wallet or by the Issuing Bank of your credit card. For withdrawals via Cryptocurrency, company absorb the withdrawal gas fees. For withdrawals via Neteller, there will be a 2% Administrative Fee charged upon withdrawal for clients from France, G...

Are there any limitations on withdrawals?

We do not have any minimum amount for withdrawal. However If you fund via credit card or Digital Wallet (Neteller, Skrill, Fasapay, etc), you can only withdraw your deposit after 30 days if there is no trading activity. This is to prevent churning.

Can IB transfer his/her rebates to other accounts?

Yes, IB can make IB transfer to any other MT4 account instantly.

Can a trader transfer his deposit to other IB account?

No, this is only possible if the IB has transferred the fund to the trader previously.

How can the recipient withdraw the fund that was transferred to him?

If the recipient is an IB account, he/she can withdraw the fund as profit. If the recipient is a trading/investor account, he/she must transfer back the fund to the IB that initially transferred to him.

What is the reason for making “IB Transfer” as source of fund?

“IB transfer” is a form of deposit on the trading/investor account, hence it is tagged as a source of fund to be compliant with AML rules.

What if there is dispute between IB and trader?

The company is not liable for any private agreement between IB and trader for the fund transfer arrangement. We highly encourage traders to exercise personal precaution when engaging in such service.