What are the fees required for funding my account?

For funding via Wire Transfer, Fullerton Markets covers all bank processing charges. Therefore, please ensure you indicate on the Wire Transfer form that all fees are borne by Beneficiary in order to enjoy this benefit.

For funding via Credit Card, if you choose an account with a different currency from your MT4 denominated currency, your credit card will be debited with the applicable exchange rates by the Issuing Bank of the credit card. Fullerton Markets covers all credit card processing fees. However, additional fees by the Issuing Bank of the credit card may apply (as a result, you may notice discrepancies between the sum of deposit and the sum charged on your credit card). You must accept these slight variations that can occur and will not charge this back to Fullerton Markets.

For funding via Digital Wallet, Fullerton Markets covers the processing fees from Digital Wallets to Fullerton Markets. However, fees may be imposed by Digital Wallets when you fund your Digital Wallet account. 


For withdrawals via Neteller & Skrill, there will be a 2% Administrative Fee charged upon withdrawal for clients from Bangladesh, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.