The Differences between MT5 Ticket System and MT4 Ticket System

Please note that there are differences in #Orders ID on the MT5 platform. 

Example: When an user executes a Buy Trade for EURUSD, a Buy Position ID (Entry Position) will be created. In the event when the user closes the EURUSD Trade, a reverse order of a Sell Position ID (Exit Position) will be created. 

Similarly, users with RAW accounts might see a difference in the commission charges in Account History if the user has chosen Deal as the default view.

In this example, the trader opens a 0.05 lot trade, USD 0.25 commission will be charged in the Entry Position and USD 0.25 will be charged in the Exit Position and the round trade commission will be USD 0.50 for trading a 0.05 lot trade. 



Do note that for All Trade Disputes, please only provide the POSITION ID (Ticket) for any investigation.