The difference between MT5 platform and MT4 platform's Stop Loss and Take Profit Settings

The MT5 platform's Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) settings are designed to take reference from the user's Entry price of the trade when using the SL and/or TP "Up" "Down" arrow function.

Example: If a Buy Order was executed at 1813.99 with a Stop Loss (SL) set a 500 points, the SL price will be at 1808.99 (500 points from 1813.99 (Entry Price)) If the Take Profit (TP) price is set at 1000 points, the TP price will be 1823.99 (1000 points from 1813.99 (Entry Price)).

Note that on the MT4 platform, instead of taking reference from the Entry Price of the trade, the Stop Loss and Take Profit price takes reference from the current Market price of the trade when using the SL and/or TP "Up" "Down" arrow functions.

For example: If a TP of 500 points was set on the MT4 platform, the TP will be set at at 1806.31 (as it takes reference from the current market  ASK price).