How to insert and/or remove TimeFrame from the MT5 platform TimeFrame Toolbar?

TimeFrame Toolbar is located on the Top left corner of the MT5 terminal as shown below.  

Users can conduct the following steps to edit the Time category in the TimeFrame Toolbar:

1. Right click on the timeframe toolbar and click "Customize".

2. To insert a new time frame into the Time Frame toolbar, click on the preferred time frame under the "Available buttons" column and then click "Insert->" to insert the preferred Time Frame into the Time Frame toolbar.

To remove a time frame from the Time Frame toolbar, click the undesired timeframe from "Selected buttons" and click "<- Remove" to remove the undesired timeframe from the Time Frame toolbar.  

3. Once inserted and/or removed, users would be able to see the inserted and/or removed timeframe in the TimeFrame toolbar. 

To see other ways to access different TimeFrames, feel free to visit the following link: