Web Terminal Platform

Fullerton Markets offer Web Terminal to instantly access to your trading platform, without downloading or installing any software. You can access the Web Terminal using a browser on Windows, Mac, or even Linux.

Please follow these steps to locate your Web Terminal access. 

1. Login To Fullerton Suite 

2. If you have MT4 self trading account, select "Download MT4"

If you have MT5 account, select Download MT5

3. For MT4 download, you should see the Web Terminal module after you click Download MT4, click Open Web Terminal to launch it. 

For MT5 download, you should see the Web Trading Terminal after you click on Download MT5. Click Open Web Terminal to launch it.

4. Your browser should open a new page and you are able to see the Web Trading Terminal. 


Key in your MT4/MT5 login details to login your trading account. 

* The Web Terminal is unavailable for accounts in Live 1 Server.