What is leverage?

Leverage is used to help traders maximize profits with lesser capital. Leverage determines how much margin is required for each trade.

Please read “FullertonMarkets Full Risk Disclosure” here

Fullerton Markets offers various levels of leverage. The table below shows the leverage offered for the corresponding balance at Fullerton Markets:

Leverage Options    Balance (USD or it's equivalent)    
1:10 - 1:100            Above USD25,000    
1:10 - 1:200            Up to USD25,000    
1:10 - 1:300            Up to USD15,000    
1:10 - 1:400            Up to USD7,500    
1:10 - 1:500            Up to USD3,000

Example: If your account has a balance of USD 1000(Below USD 3000), you have an option to select leverage from 1:10 to 1:500. 

** If your account leverage has exceeded the allowed leverage, the company reserve the right to reduce your leverage after three (3) email notifications. The company will send up to 3 email notifications before your account leverage is adjusted. Your leverage will not be adjusted if your account margin level is below 100%.